• Tech Open House

    Each summer, City Music Center holds 2 open houses to inform interested students about our Music Technology Track. There will be one open house in July and one in August. Please check back in May for more details.

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    Please check back for dates of the 2013 Tech Open Houses.

  • Registration

    Registration is required for participation in all Duquesne Days of Summer activities. Enrollment is limited. Students are registered once they have received confirmation fromthe City Music Center office.

    Registration forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links on the right side of this page. Forms can be submitted in the following ways.



    City Music Center, Duquesne University
    600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15126

  • Guitar and Music Technology

    The Duquesne Days of Summer: Technology and Guitar, presented by Pianos’n’stuff, is an exciting, new two-day workshop featuring hands on courses in Music Technology and Guitar. Classes ranging from digital audio basics to guitar effect pedal techniques offer expert advice for the beginner looking for inspiration, the student working hard on music over the summer, or the professional trying to stay on the cutting edge.

    Classes will be taught by members of Duquesne University’s renowned faculty and professionals from around the region. In the technology track, students will receive state-of-the-art education on some of the industries’ newest devices, including iOS apps. Guitar and bass students will have the chance to learn a wide range of styles from the best in the field. In addition to the track-focused classes, a number of career related discussions and workshops will be hosted on Saturday, covering topics such as auditioning, performance, and even the history of rock and roll.

    Sunday will feature an open house with some of the largest names in music manufacturing. Representatives of guitar, microphone, computer, and pro audio companies will be on site with a wide array of new products to impress even the most gear-savvy musicians.

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    Sample Schedules

    Sample Mixed Curriuculum
    • The Mobile Musician10:00
    • Rock Guitar: Tone11:00
    • Lunch BreakNoon
    • An Intro to Improv1:00
    • Ipad Lab2:00
    • Listening with the Ears of a Producer3:00
    • Reception with Clinicians4:00
    Sample Technology Curriuculum
    • The Mobile Musician10:00
    • The Professional Recording Studio11:00
    • Lunch BreakNoon
    • iPad Lab1:00
    • Priciples for Digital Audio2:00
    • Ipad Ensemble3:00
    • Reception with Clinicians4:00
    Sample Guitar Curriuculum
    • Rock Guitar: Tone10:00
    • The Studio Guitarist11:00
    • Lunch BreakNoon
    • Fingerstyle Jazz1:00
    • Playing in Jazz Combos2:00
    • Playing out: The Art of Gigging3:00
    • Reception with Clinicians4:00
  • Guitar and Tech Classes

    Guitar Classes
    • Playing with the Big Band10:00, 11:00

      Learn some great techniques for playing with a Jazz Band.

    • Rock Guitar: Tone10:00, 11:00

      From acoustics to amplifiers, the sound and science of the guitar.

    • The Studio Guitarist10:00, 11:00

      Interested in being perfect, time after time, in every style? This class is for you. This class is idealy paired with The Professional Recording Studio.

    • In the Loop10:00, 11:00

      Everything you wanted to know about loop pedals.

    • Overview of the Blues10:00, 11:00

      A overview of the blues from basic blues to jazz blues.

    • Electric Bass-ics10:00, 11:00

      The lowdown on the low-end.

    • Flamenco Guitar10:00, 11:00

      A complete overview of the style.

    • Guitar for Jazz Combo1:00, 2:00

      Its just you, a drummer, and a bassist. Go.

    • Rock Guitar: Beyond the Basics1:00, 2:00

      Intermediate ideas to take your playing to the next level.

    • Effects Processing Cookbook1:00, 2:00

      How does The Edge get that perfect sound? Find out in this course.

    • Bass II1:00, 2:00

      For the aspiring groove masters and funk fanatics.

    • An Intro to Improv1:00, 2:00

      Its not just for Jazz. Teaches the techniques to get you improvising in any style.

    • Fingerstyle Jazz1:00, 2:00

      Basic fingerstyle for the jazz and classical guitarists.

    • Rhythm Accompaniment1:00, 2:00

      A look at the art of accompanying – from campfires to sold-out world tours.

    • Guitar Ensemble3:00

      Play together as a group. All skill levels welcome.

    • Playing out: the Art of Gigging3:00

      Tips from long time musicians on how to get out there and play.

    Tech Classes
    • Electronic Principles for Audio10:00, 11:00

      Defining voltage, power, impedance, and decibel notation as is applies to audio.

    • The Mobile Musician10:00, 11:00

      Taking the studio on the go. This class is run in our iPad lab.

    • The Professional Recording Studio10:00, 11:00

      When it’s time to make that hit record, there’s only one place to turn. For Guitarists, this class is idealy paired with The Studio Guitarist.

    • Principles for Digital Audio1:00, 2:00

      Sample rate and bit depth, and their application for digital formats and digital workstations.

    • Movie Sound1:00, 2:00

      Scoring and sound effects galore

    • iPad Lab1:00, 2:00

      Visit our iPad lab and explore the musical possibilities.

    • Listening with the Ears of a Producer3:00

      Learn how your favorite records became your favorite records under the guidance of the producer

    • iPad Ensemble3:00

      Four strings, multiple tunings, one happy jam-session.

    Lecture Series
    • Getting ready for the Audition10:00

      School of Music Director of Admissions shares vital information for anyone looking to go to school for a degree in music.

    • Performance Prep11:00

      You got the gig, now what?.

    • Career Perspectives2:00

      School of Music Coordinator of Career Services provides some insights for those looking to make a career in music.

    • Playing out: the Art of Gigging3:00

      Tips from long time musicians on how to get out there and play.

    Listed by Time

    • In order to provide the most flexibility in scheduling, most Guitar and Technology classes are offered twice. Students are encouraged to take as many classes as possible, but are welcome to take the same class twice if they so choose.
    Offered at 10:00 or 11:00, Guitar
    • Playing with the Big Band
    • Rock Guitar: Tone
    • The Studio Guitarist
    • In the Loop
    • Overview of the Blues
    • Electric Bass-ics
    • Flamenco Guitar
    • The Shearer Method
    Offered at 10:00 or 11:00, Tech
    • Electronic Principles for Audio
    • The Mobile Musician
    • The Professional Recording Studio
    Offered at 10:00 or 11:00, Lectures
    • Getting ready for the Audition (9:00)
    • Performance Prep (10:00)
    Offered at 1:00 or 2:00, Guitar
    • Guitar for Jazz Combo
    • Rock Guitar: Beyond the Basics
    • Effects Processing Cookbook
    • Fingerstyle Jazz
    • Bass II
    • In Intro to Improv
    • Rhythm Accompaniment
    Offered at 1:00 or 2:00, Tech
    • Principles for Digital Audio
    • Business of Music
    • Movie Sound
    • iPad Lab
    Offered at 1:00 or 2:00, Lectures
    • Career Perspectives
    Offered at 3:00 only, Guitar
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • Playing out: the Art of Gigging
    Offered at 3:00 only, Tech
    • Listening with the Ears of a Producer
    • iPad Ensemble
    Offered at 3:00 only, Lecture
    • Playing out: the Art of Gigging
  • Gear Expo

    Whether you are into Recording and Music Technology or you play Guitar, the Duquesne Days of Summer Gear Expo has the gear you definitely want to see. Come see gear presentations and speak with representatives from some of your favorite brands including Gibson, JBL and Yamaha. Members of the University faculty will also run several presentations throughout the day.

    There will be plenty of giveaways including the grand prize, an Epiphone Semi-Hollow guitar.

    Want to hear how your guitar sounds on an Marshall amp versus a Mesa Boogie? Bring your axe and try it out. Or, you can just pick up one of the guitars that will be on display.

    Guitar not your thing? There is plenty of Music Technology on display too. Hang out in the iPad lab and learn the skills necessary to become a mobile musician. Visit our mastering suite and get a hands-on lesson in ProTools.

    The Expo is not all gear and presentations, there will also be some great bands playing throughout the day. Come hear bands like Rising Regina, Nick Marzock, and Gary and Libby Eddy from the Weedrags.

    Vendors to include*: Pianos N' Stuff, Harman Kardon, Gibson, Epiphone, Yamaha, JBL, AKG, CROWN, SoundCraft, and DBX. Plus, gear and informational materials from many other brands will be showcased and supported by Pianos N' Stuff.

    *Vendors subject to change

    Sunday Schedule

    Sunday's gear expo is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Attendees should feel free to drop in on as many sessions as they choose.

    10:00am – Gear Expo Opens

    BANDS (Sponsored and equipped by Harman Kardon)
    10:45am – Rising Regina (Pappert Center)
    1:00pm – The Weedrags (Pappert Center)
    2:00pm – Nick Marzock (Pappert Center)
    3:30pm – Nick Marzock (Pappert Center)

    10:30am – Making Music on the Go (218)
    11:30pm – Mixing Presentation (323)
    12:30pm – Effects Pedals (307)
    1:30pm – Making Music on the Go (218)
    2:30pm – Mixing Presentation (323)
    3:45pm – Effects Pedals (307)

    HANDS ON ROOMS (all day)
    Pianos N’ Stuff, Gibson, Yamaha – 3rd Floor Lobby
    iPads and Macs for Music - 218
    Guitars, Amps, Petals, Electronic Instruments - 307

    3:15-3:30pm – Giveaways (Pappert Center)
    (Must attend the expo to enter, though you are not required to attend the drawing to win.)

    5:00pm– Gear Expo Closes

  • Guitar and Tech Clinicians

    Drawing from the faculty of Duquesne University and professional musicians around Pittsburgh, our instructors are some of the most respected performers, educators, and clinicians in the industry. With experts in sound recording, music production, guitar, and bass, the instruction at the Technology and Guitar Workshop is hands on and personal – just a sample of what is available at City Music Center and Duquesne University.


    Jesse Naus
    Eric Brockschmidt
    Justin Bechak
    Michael Chapman
    Mike Dorman
    Mike Elliott
    Mark Koch
    Jeff Mangone
    Ryan McMasters
    Jordan Mroziak
    Bill Purse
    Frank Rodriguez
    RJ Zimmerman

  • Jazz Clinicians

    With experts in performance, composition and arranging, and jazz education, our guests represent the very best of the current jazz scene in Pittsburgh and around the world. Lead by Duquesne University Jazz Studies Director Mike Tomaro, the Duquesne Days of Summer: Jazz Workshop faculty combines a depth of experience and credentials without peer in the jazz community.


    Mike Tomaro, sax
    Sean Jones, trumpet
    Justin Bechack, guitar
    Ron Bickel, piano
    Jeff Bush, brass
    PJ Gatch, drums
    Jeff Mangone, bass
    Rick Matt, winds
    Ryan McMasters, bass
    Lenny Rodgers, drums

  • About the Jazz Workshop

    Pittsburgh has produced some of the biggest names in the history of jazz and now the future of jazz is being shaped on the same three rivers. The Duquesne Days of Summer: Jazz Workshop is a one-day event combining local high school bands, award winning clinicians, and open workshops and master classes. Student bands will receive coachings from of the area’s finest performers and educators.

    Morning sessions will include coachings sessionsfor each invited band with one of our expert guest-artists. The afternoon will feature a concert of the clinicians performing as one band, as well as breakout sessions for brass, woodwinds, and rhythm section for more specific guidance and Q &A opportunities.

    Class Schedule

    • Band session 19:30
    • Band session 210:30
    • Pizza lunch (provided)11:30
    • Concert featuring workshop faculty12:30
    • Breakout sessions1:30 - 3:30
  • Two-Day Scholarships

    Bill Purse, Chair of Music Technology and Guitar for the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University is providing four $25 scholarships in the memory of Jim Farquar. These scholarships are for high school Juniors and Seniors looking to attend the two-day workshop. To apply, please send an email explaining why you should be selected to pursew@duq.edu.


    All incoming freshmen for the 2013-14 school year are eligible for free admittance to the entire two-day workshop. Please use Promotional Registration Code Duq2017 when registering.

    Gear Expo Only

    City Music Center and Pianos n' Stuff are offering free admittance to the Sunday Gear Expo for select groups of Duquesne supporters. Please see the listing on the right to see if there is a Promo/Registration code that applies to you.

    The following codes are valid for GEAR EXPO ONLY registrations.

    • Duquesne AlumiDuqAlum
    • City Music Center student, parent, or alumDuqCMC
    • GAMA participantDuqGama /alum
    • Duquesne SummerMusic participantDuqSummer/alum